For many years, Loc-Mai has been singing coach to students whose styles vary from light classical songs from the musicals through to numbers from operas in preparation for concert performances and exams, or purely singing for pleasure.

Loc-Mai is happy to teach singing students from a variety of different backgrounds, from non-music readers through to those who are musically educated. However, they all have in common an enjoyment of singing, a wish to improve their standard for each song within their choice of repertoire.



Choir Pianist/Director

In 2012, Loc-Mai become Pianist/Director of the Clarkson Singers at the request of Bruce Wegg, former Director of Music who retired from the position through ill-health. This is a Wisbech-based mixed voice choir of about thirty-five, varying in ages and musical abilities, who meet weekly to practise for performances locally throughout the year. Their repertoire include songs from the musicals, madrigals, folk, sacred, light popular and classical songs.


The Clarkson Singers in Leverington Church: September 2015
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